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Domestic Water Heating

If youıre renovating or building a home, or itıs simply time to upgrade your hot water system, you need to talk to a Hot Water Specialist first.

You'll get the best advice on what will work in your situation - based on how many people are using hot water in your home, what kind of tapware you're using and the kind of performance you expect from your hot water system.

Electric: Mains Pressure Hot Water Heaters

Size makes the Difference

Rheem offers such a wide variety of Water Heaters, it's important to choose the right one for your needs.

Answer these simple questions then consult your nearest Hot Water Specialist about the most appropriate system for your home and family needs.

  1. How many people in your household?
  2. Do they prefer baths or showers? A bath may use twice as much water as an average shower.
  3. Do you have or are you using a spa bath? These use generous amounts of hot water and a mains pressure water heater is recommended to ensure rapid filling.
  4. Are there teenagers in your household? If there are you may need to install a larger model. Remember small children grow into teenagers.
  5. Is your household likely to grow? More people need more hot water.
  6. Is your dishwasher or washing machine connected to the hot water? Add one extra person for each appliance if this is the case.

Remember, no one ever complains about having too much hot water!

300 litre cylinder Electric: Low Pressure Hot Water Heaters

Rheem Low Pressure Hot Water Heaters

A Rheem Low Pressure Hot water Heater is made with your needs in mind.

Our double insulated models provide maximum efficiency in heat retention which means you save on power bills. The vast majority of our Hot Water Heaters carry the Watermark label which gives you the choice of a premium quality and minimum heat loss option.

Grade A ensures premium grade heat insulation which means a saving in electricity. Some electricity suppliers offer low cost electricity if you install a Grade A Hot Water Heater of suitable size.Grade B gives you lesser levels of insulation but still the same quality of product.

When you need to upgrade

Chances are you have an existing low pressure cylinder in your home. If it's time to upgrade, Rheem low pressure cylinders are an excellent option that can be connected to the wetback system on your logburner if necessary.

Low pressure cylinders are available in a range of sizes, from 15 litres for underbench use, through to 350 litres for households of six people or more.

Low pressure pros and cons

  • cost-effective
  • can be used in conjunction with wetback burner to cut power costs
  • won't give maximum performance with modern or imported tapware
  • doesn't provide equal pressure in the shower and other applications

If it is time to replace your existing cylinder, talk to your nearest Hot Water Specialist about installing a new mains pressure Hot Water System in your home - you'll be glad you did!

Rheem Gas Water Heaters

The Shower you Always Wanted

The luxury of a strong hot shower is yours with a Rheem Mains Pressure Hot Water System. (Correctly installed, other taps used simultaneously will not affect the shower). It's so simple to put an end to the frustrations of living with a shower that's little more than a dribble, and hot water that seems to take forever to come through.

Interior - or Exterior

Proudly New Zealand made Rheem Interior Gas Hot Water Heaters are now available in soft designer green with bold green trims and in two satisfying capacities - 135 litre or the 175 litre for larger households. The Rheem Exterior models are the perfect alternative when interior space is a premium, or to avoid fluing problems. These heaters are available in 3 sizes - 135 litre, 170 litre or the big 200 litre for larger bathrooms with spa baths.

Rheem Exterior Gas Hot Water Heaters feature easy lighting, low maintenance colour bonded jacket, no secondary flue costs, simple installation and loads of hot water.

Why Install a Rheem?

  • True Mains Pressure performance
  • A superb shower
  • Genuine multiple shower and tap usage
  • Abundant hot water and rapid reheating
  • Suits large or multi-level dwellings
  • Five year warranty
  • Because you deserve it.

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