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Commercial Water Heating

When your requirements are large quantities of hot water quickly and consistently, you need to talk to the heavyweights in the hot water business - Hot Water Specialists NZ Ltd.

We can provide you with specialist advice on the best water heating system for your business or organisations.

Electric Dairy Hot Water Heaters Cows

Before designing our new Electric Dairy Hot Water Heater, we spent time talking to farmers - here is what you asked for ...

Need bigger cylinders: The new Rheem water heater is now available in 250, 350 and 450 litre capacities, with improved water-proofing.

Need to know water temperature: We have positioned a thermometer on the outlet tap for instant temperature reading.

Better water control: A sight-glass has been fitted to the outside with a graduated measure to give an accurate reading of water volume.

Better inlet/outlet connections: You now have a choice, gravity fill through the teflon sight glass or direct inlet connection through an extra fitting on the top. Or, this fitting can be used as an extra outlet if required.

More energy efficient: The new cylinder is made to A Grade Water Mark specifications, meaning better insulation and efficiency. And don't forget, we are ISO 9001 certified.

Faster recovery: Our new water heater still comes prewired, but is now fitted with a 3kW/6kW dual element. It is wired for 3kW but can be easily adjusted to 6kW to provide faster recovery.

Don't get in behind, stay out in front - install a new Rheem Electric Dairy Hot Water Heater.


Heavy Duty Electric

For a wide range of applications with high levels of hot water consumption, including supermarkets, schools, sports centres and rest homes.

Rheem Electric Heavy Duty cylinders offer big storage capacity, quick recovery, and longer warranty periods.

Rheem Heavy Duty Electric Cylinders

Heavy Duty Gas

The Rheem Heavy Duty Range

Now with 78-80% thermal efficiency and new Hot Surface Ignition for long life and reliability.

Indoor or Outdoor

Applications Rheem Heavy Duty Gas water heaters can be used wherever large quantities of hot water are required. Typical installations include home units (centralised systems), restaurants, schools, motels, hotels, industry, offices and hospitals.

Double the Warranty Rheem Heavy Duty Gas Water Heaters are now backed by a 5 year Commercial or 10 year Domestic Application Warranty.

High Efficiency, Quick Recovery

Thermal Efficiency By choosing Rheem Heavy Duty Gas water heaters you can now actually reduce your running costs. Rheem with its innovative Multi-Fin technology, has improved the thermal efficiency to between 78% - 80% without compromising the performance.

Hot Surface Ignition The 265 and 275 litre models incorporate a fully automatic Hot Surface Ignition system (HSI). These models do not incorporate a standing pilot. When heating is required the Hot Surface Ignitor glows red-hot igniting the burner.

The Rheem Flue Damper The 621275 has been designed incorporating a flue damper. The flue damper operates by sealing off or closing the primary flue when the burner is not operating. This reduces heat losses by 60% when compared with AGA maximum allowance.

Rheem Heavy Duty Gas Cylinders


For companies wanting serious heating capacity for processing plants, large resthomes or anywhere requiring large quantities of hot water, the gas powered Rheem POWER-fin® is the ultimate solution.

To make use of the most convenient and most cost effective method, the Rheem POWER-fin® can be flued in a number of ways.

Conventional flue

The POWER-fin® can be flued using conventional flueing materials. Each water heater has a barometric damper which is installed in the vertical section of the flue and adjusted to control negative pressure.

Room-sealed flueing

By using this flueing option, both the combustion-air requirements and flueing functions are safely out of doors. Clean, fresh combustion air is drawn directly from outside while combustion-products are also flued outside.

This gives you total freedom in choosing an installation site and is particularly suitable when the plant room houses air conditioning or water cooling equipment.

Room-sealed flueing can be achieved through an external wall or through the roof when access to an external wall is difficult. The maximum length of the flue in both cases is 6m, deducting 1.5m for each of a maximum two elbows.

Outdoor installation

The addition of a specially designed terminal means the POWER-fin® can be easily installed outside the building to AG601.

Where indoor space is in short supply, or when an outdoor location gives better access to the hot water points-of-use, this is the ultimate option.

More power for size

The POWER-fin® packs more water heating capacity into its size and weight than any other product on the market.

Imagine a water heater with 1060 MJ/h of power that fits into less than 0.55 of floor space. It's a designer's dream.

And there are four models, each with equally impressive statistics. No other heater gives you such a heavyweight performance with such a lightweight size.

State of the art controls

It's never been easier to monitor and control a water heater than with the Rheem POWER-fin®.

Every step of the unit's function is automatically controlled and checked against the process and "tracked" on the control panel of the heater: combustion air; gas pressure; ignition; burner operation; water flow gas valve operation.

All are monitored with indicator lights pinpointing virtually any source of water heater failure. And for visibly checking ignition and burner operation, there's a temperature resistant viewing port conveniently located for ease of use.

The most energy efficient

Rheem POWER-fin® sets a new efficiency standard by which all other gas water heaters will be measured. Because there's nothing like it on the market!

With a whopping 88% thermal efficiency, POWER-fin® provides a high recovery rate in a compact, space-saving design. It's the small, simple answer to high fuel bills and wasted energy.

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